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 “Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.” – John Barrymore

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Jacob Hardt, CIP

Jacob Hardt  (He, Him, His)

Certified Intervention Professional (CIP)  

Personal Recovery Coach and

Certified Peer Recovery Advocate (CRPA)

Evolve Intervention and Recovery Services LLC

54 Noll St, #261 Brooklyn NY 11206

T: 347.266.8811 


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If you, a family member, or a loved one suffers from addiction, it's likely a symptom of a more complex issue. Evolve Recovery Services takes an individualized holistic approach to sobriety, working with people to identify and explore their addiction's physical, emotional, and even spiritual components.

There is a common misperception that an individual must "hit bottom" before they can recover. I work with people in all stages of addiction and often find the recovery process can be triggered by anything, an Intervention, family crisis, job loss, or legal issues; there is no wrong way to start the healing. Too often the "bottom" is death, waiting for that is not an option.

 I will help build a support team for your loved one; together, we will make a network of professional and social support to provide the structure and opportunity to create a feeling of safety and connection conducive to lasting recovery. 

Addiction affects everybody, the whole family. We work to link you and your family with supportive services and community support groups to give you support while learning about the addiction of your loved ones. 

Jacob's approach is down-to-earth and realistic, with evidence-based treatment and support. The recovery process is rarely linear and is, like DNA, unique to the individual. We work to explore solutions until we find a combination of family, community, and hope that works. 

Recovery takes time, but addiction waits for no one and devastates everything in its path. The best time to intervene is now.

Recovery Coaching
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Compassionate Interventions

Jacob has studied different forms of Interventon and primarily uses the invitational model.

Every Intervention is different and unique to the individual and their family dynamic. First, he works closely with families, friends, co-workers, and anyone close to your loved one to establish a solid recovery plan. Then, with careful planning develop a change plan, including treatment programs, mental health providers, experienced sober coaches, and family counselors. Finally, the invitation is made and the Intervention begins. 

Every intervention is individualized and tailored to the specific needs of your loved one.


Recovery Coaching


The success of an addict's treatment requires the support of an entire community, which usually starts with one person at a time. One-on-one coaching with someone in recovery who has worked through the struggles of getting sober offers a unique connection to feelings and experiences people in active addiction think nobody else could comprehend. We understand the heartache and pains of addiction as well as the strength gained from successful treatment, but getting sober is just the beginning; learning to stay sober takes work, community, and practice. Coaching can be an effective bridge in forming community and ongoing sobriety. 

Sober coaching is a tremendous opportunity for those who need an added layer of guidance and support to help people work on the life goals and challenges they have in learning to maintain a sober life. People can be unsure of support groups or how to connect to other people, and a sober coach can go with them to 12-step meetings, trauma groups, doctor appointments, or any place they could use some support. 

We work not to come from a position of authority and strive to level the power dynamic with our clients, always meeting them where they are and working with them to discover and explore solutions that work.

When we work with people to guide them to a path, encourage and support them, they learn skills and the confidence to continue themselves; the chances of a powerful journey and lasting change are limitless.

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Jacob Hardt, CIP

Certified Intervention Professional

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Jacob Hardt, CIP CRPA

Jacob is a skilled interventionist with a track record of success. Despite his edgy look, Jacob takes a gentle approach to intervention and coaching. His client-focused method combines modern intervention techniques with his unique experiences to develop meaningful connections with clients. Building trust and openness facilitates conversation, ultimately leading clients to a willingness to engage in recovery. He works with individuals from all walks of life, specializing in opiate and methamphetamine addiction, and is often invited to advise on cases involving particularly difficult-to-reach clients, such as those dealing with drug psychosis or complex trauma. 

Based out of New York City, Jacob regularly assists individuals in minority or underrepresented communities. He is affiliated with The Center, an outpatient program with a focus on meth addiction in the LGBT community, and has developed a unique peer support group designed to provide professional coaching in a less clinical setting. He is also a frequent speaker at support meetings and community events. 

Jacob's recovery philosophy developed from his personal life experience. Challenging early family life and exposure to drugs at a young age kept him from a traditional childhood. He attended his first AA meeting as a teenager and was in and out of recovery centers several times himself. But this difficult start provided the drive to pursue a career assisting others in their own struggles against addiction. The unconditional kindness and support offered to him by the community not only planted the seeds of hope that were vital to his successful recovery but also grew into the core concept of his approach to recovery as an interventionist and coach. Jacob focuses on building a solid support network in a non-judgmental setting for clients at both the intervention itself and during ongoing aftercare.

Jacob's life has taught him that "failure" is not a helpful word in recovery, something he is often heard telling his clients. Every day spent working on recovery matters, building layer by layer the skills an individual needs to cope with, and eventually overcome, addiction. Recovery is a life-long process, and though relapse and setbacks can happen, they also provide an opportunity for introspection and insight into what works, or doesn't work, for that individual. Clients  with a history of relapse may feel plagued with hopelessness, but every case has a solution. Every client is unique, and developing a personalized approach for each person is critical in providing effective assistance to anyone, adjusting to their specific needs and circumstances.

Jacob is certified in the Break Free Model of Intervention and works as a Recovery Coach and Certified Recovery Peer Advocate.  He is passionate about preventing death by suicide or overdose and has worked to spread awareness through outreach, including co-hosting After the Loss, a conference on grief and trauma.


“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other”

Abraham Lincoln

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Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction? Call us to speak confidentially with a recovery expert now.

Jacob Hardt​, CIP

(347) 266-8811

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"Jacob has been invaluable on our journey towards our son’s break from addiction.  His warmth and caring has seen him transition from an interventionist to a trusted mentor to our son.  We are so thankful that Jacob was introduced to us and so blessed to have him in our corner."

KS. -Intervention and Coaching

 There aren’t enough words for how thankful I am to have had Jacob help our family get my brother into and immersed in recovery. As someone who’s experienced addiction and worked his way out of it through dedication, courage, and a lot of hard work and determination, Jacob was extremely effective, in my opinion. My brother isn’t the easiest person to unlock, and Jacob had a kind, honest, open, direct and firm way of helping him face his reality and reach the other side as a sober, productive, much happier man. It’s like being around a different person now, and most importantly, my brother is so much happier. Do not hesitate to call Jacob if you need help with a loved one lost to addiction. I thought there was no way out, but there is! You just have to make the first call and let him work his magic.

Would recommend: Yes

Melanie (Interventon)

 Jacob & his services were able to perform “miracles” & have my son realize & accept that he had to go to rehab for his addiction problem. Many had tried to get through to him, but only Jacob was successful. I wish anyone that you did not need his services, but if you find yourself or a family member in addiction trouble, wholeheartedly recommend his services. He is excellent!!

Would recommend: Yes

Comments: Compassionate, caring & will always go the extra mile.

Gary (Intervention)

Jacob has a gift for coming into situations and knowing how to handle them in a unique, compassionate, understanding, caring, and non-judgmental way. He is unconventional and dynamic and has a sixth sense of knowing the next steps to take. He puts his whole heart into his work. His strength and peace have opened our eyes to so many things. We are so grateful Jacob came into our lives.

Robin -Intervention and Coaching

I met Jacob on my first real day of sobriety. Little did I know at the time that his support and wisdom would allow me to finally start my road to recovery in earnest. Jacob has helped me build effective habits as well as a support network that help me stay sober, but he's also contributed significantly to my ability to embark upon an even bigger project: learning how to love myself, find real peace, and construct a life full of meaning and joy. I never imagined a sober lifestyle would be the greatest gift--that life could be so beautiful and profound. I don't think I would have discovered all of this without Jacob's help. I will be eternally grateful to him through my final moments on earth.

Graham (recovery coaching)

After I was finally released from the consequences of my addiction, it was hard to feel there was any hope for a better future. Jacob's powerful story of overcoming all the odds helped me to see that maybe I could make it. His lived experiences and intimate knowledge of the LGBTQIA+ community, and recovery resources empowered me on my own recovery journey. Thank you so much, Jacob! I can say that I am a sober, happy, productive, purposeful person with an arsenal of coping strategies and tactics to protect me against the insidious voice of my addiction. If you are wondering if anyone can meet you where you are, I'm here to say that Jacob Hardt can and has. I'm living proof!
Would recommend: Yes

Colby (Recovery Coaching)

My experience with Jacob has been amazing. First and foremost he is patient and kind and that’s a major recipe for people who are struggling , he’s extremely dedicated to the cause and switched on and knows when to choose the right moments to deliver his thoughts and techniques. 
He makes you feel safe and heard, He is born for this job.

Lukas (Recovery Coaching)

Jacob was an integral part of my recovery from day one. From the first time I met Jacob, he encouraged me to step into the light of recovery and step out of my comfort zone. He believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself, and I will be forever grateful to him for that. His knowledge and personal and professional experience gave me hope for my recovery, and he was a friendly, familiar face when I needed it. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for his guidance and support.

Would recommend: Yes

Phil - Coaching

Jacob is simply amazing! He has been a blessing to me and my family in our recovery journey. I live across the country from my son, and before we had Jacob, I worried constantly. Now I have someone I can count on to offer guidance and support to all of us. Jacob is kind and knowledgeable and is always there when we need him. He responds immediately and always seems to know just the right thing to do. I highly recommend working with Jacob.

Nancy -Coaching and Intervention

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Artwork by Jacob,  oil on canvas 2019

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